No pet owner wants to hear the phrase, “Your pet needs surgery.” But a skillfully-performed procedure can make all the difference in your pet’s health, comfort and function — and it might even save his life. The main thing is that you know and trust your pet care team, which is why you want to make sure you bring your pet to Spring Oaks Animal Care Center. Each Deland veterinarian on our multi-practitioner team has the skills, expertise and dedication your pet needs and deserves.

  • Orthopedic surgery – Orthopedic procedures such as fracture repairs and cruciate surgery can ensure that an injured bone or joint doesn’t leave your pet suffering from permanent lameness and pain. Orthopedic surgery may be recommended for such common and debilitating joint issues as ruptured knee ligaments, advanced osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia.
  • Spay and neuter surgery – Spay and neuter surgery goes beyond simple contraception to provide a lifetime of lasting health benefits for your pet. Removal of the reproductive organs can save your pet from the ravages of reproductive cancer while also reducing the risk of other related diseases.
  • Growth removals – Growths on the body are common occurrences in pets. Many of these growths are benign, but we typically remove them just to make sure. Growth removals and tissue analysis can tell us whether additional treatment of the area is needed.
  • Abdominal surgery – Trust your experienced Deland veterinarian when your pet needs abdominal surgery. We can remove swallowed objects and stones, treat diseased or damaged organs, and untangle the dangerous digestive twisting known as bloat.
  • Wound repair – An impact with a car, fight with another animal or random accident can leave your pet with deep wounds that need to be treated surgically. Our wound repair services include closing lacerations, sealing arteries, reconstructing severe tissue damage, amputating limbs and other major procedures.


We don’t just provide your pet with the best of care and attention during surgery — we assist owners, too! Our pet care center will walk you through the entire pet surgery process, starting with best home care practices the evening before surgery. Post-surgical care may include prescribing antibiotics, pain relievers and other medications. We’ll advise you on how to administer these medications and generally watch over your pet’s recuperation. Following orthopedic procedures such as fracture repairs and cruciate surgery, we may also recommend specific home care strategies to limit your pet’s motion or weight-bearing activities, along with a rehabilitative program to help him get back on his feet safely and gradually.

Talk to Your Veterinarian in Deland about Pet Surgery

Rest assured that we devote the same high level of skill, care, and concentration to every form of pet surgery, from standard spay and neuter procedures to state-of-the-art orthopedic reconstruction. Call (386) 736-6747 today to talk to your veterinarian in Deland about pet surgery.