At Spring Oaks Animal Care Center, your furry friend can enjoy an experience beyond basic pet lodging and boarding—they can have loving home here when you’re away from home. Our pet boarding services range from standard accommodations and Cat condos to VIP canine luxury suites. Cats and dogs have separate pet boarding accommodations at our facilities, and each of our pet lodging suites features continuous soothing music to give them a ‘homey’ feel.

You can feel comfortable leaving your beloved pet with us, as we have a full medical staff on hand seven days a week to keep your pet healthy and content. We even have a full time groomer on board to offer your pet extra pampering during their stay. Here’s more about our pet lodging suites and accommodations at our veterinarian in Deland.

V.I.P Canine Luxury Suites

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Dog Lodging

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Cat Lodging

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Daycare Canine $13.00
Daycare Feline $9.00
Daycare VIP Suite $17.00
Daycare VIP Add’ Pet $14.50
Dogs 0-25 $19
Dogs 26-50 $20
Dogs 61-100 $23
Over 100 $25.50
Boarding Exotic (Bird or Rabbit) $14.00
Cat Condos $19.00
VIP Canine Lodging $47.00
VIP Add” Lodging $30.00