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Dr. Jim Jackson

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We all know that it is important to take care of our teeth. But many people do not realize that it is equally as important to take care of their pet’s teeth. Here at Spring Oaks Animal Care Center, we want to ensure that your pet remains as healthy as possible and lives a long life. Dental care plays an important role in both.

Dental care plays an important role in your pet’s health and comfort level. Properly caring for your pet’s teeth helps prevent gum disease, tooth loss, and infections. When your pet’s teeth are not properly cared for, they can get gum disease and cavities. Both can cause them pain or discomfort or make it uncomfortable for them to eat or chew.

Additionally, just like in human’s pets can get an abscess in their gums and teeth. These abscesses can be extremely painful, cause swelling and can lead to death if the infection travels through the bloodstream and is not treated.

At Spring Oaks Animal Care Center, we can perform dental services to help keep your pet’s teeth as healthy as possible, optimizing their health. Call at (386) 337-3664 to schedule your pet's dental cleaning today!

Early diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as intestinal parasites, fleas, ticks, allergies, organ damage, visual impairment, or various diseases can mean the difference between a healthy, happy pet and one who experiences major pain, suffering or ongoing health problems. To catch and treat any dangerous health threats to your pet as early as possible, the in-house diagnostic services we offer include:

Blood Tests
If your pet is ill and results are needed quickly we have an Antech in-house blood chemistry analyzer and complete blood count machine that provides us with results within 20 minutes. We also have a Heska I-stat which provides us with electrolytes and critical blood parameters within 2 minutes for those exceptionally sick pets. For more routine blood screening or specialized testing we utilize Antech Diagnostic Laboratories. A courier picks up samples twice daily and for most routine tests we can have results back the next day.

Using our in-house laboratory we can test your pet’s urine for sugar and ketones which may indicate diabetes, microscopic blood, protein, pH, and bilirubin (which may indicate a liver or blood problem). We also look at the concentration of the urine to make sure the kidneys are working properly and look at urine microscopically for evidence of infection, abnormal cells, and crystals. If we feel we need more information, we may send the urine to Idexx Diagnostic Laboratories for analysis or culture.

We utilize our radiology (x-ray) machine daily for such diverse conditions as evaluating the heart and lungs for pets with heart murmurs, cough or breathing difficulties; evaluating bones for breaks, arthritis, or tumors; looking in the abdomen for ingested foreign objects, masses, bladder stones; or even evaluating puppies or kittens in pregnant pets.

Electrocardiogram (ECG)
An electrocardiogram evaluates the rhythm of the heart. We may recommend this diagnostic test if we hear an abnormal rhythm when listening to the heart. We may also recommend this test as part of a routine heart evaluation for pets with a heart murmur. One of the great advantages of this procedure is that the heart rhythm is transmitted with a special machine to the Institute of Veterinary Specialists in Gainesville to be read by a board-certified cardiologist. The cardiologist will help our veterinarians decide what medications will be helpful for your pet.

Blood Pressure Measurement
We measure blood pressure in animals similarly to how blood pressure is measured in people. Often, we may need to shave a small patch of hair to hear the pulse accurately. Measuring blood pressure is especially important in pets with heart or kidney disease and in cats who may have primary hypertension or thyroid disease.

Glaucoma Screening
Glaucoma is an increased pressure in the eye. It may be caused by cataracts, inflammation, or systemic diseases. Glaucoma can be painful and if uncontrolled can cause the eye to rupture. When measuring the eye pressure, we first numb your pet’s eyes so they do not feel the touch of the Tonometer to the cornea. If glaucoma is detected early, it can often be managed with a combination of medications.

Allergy Testing
Dogs and cats with skin problems may have an underlying allergy to fleas, an ingredient in their diet, or to something in the environment (tree pollen, grasses, weeds, molds, or even dust mites). After ruling out other causes of skin problems, our veterinarians may recommend a hypoallergenic diet trial or blood allergy testing for environmental allergies. The purpose of blood allergy testing is not only to find out what your pet is allergic to, but to develop a desensitization vaccine that can help control the clinical signs.

Critical Care
At Spring Oaks we have special equipment that helps us make sure your pet receives optimal care, even in the face of an emergency. We can provide Constant Rate Infusions of fluids or medications using pumps like the one shown. This pump precisely regulates the amount of fluid or medication your pet receives and gives an audible warning if the flow has stopped or the infusion is complete. We also have a chamber that can be used for oxygen therapy for small dogs and cats. When an animal has difficulty breathing, they may benefit from a higher level of oxygen than room air can provide.

Give us a call at (386) 337-3664 if you think your pet could benefit from our diagnostic suite.

No pet owner wants to hear the phrase, “Your pet needs surgery.” But a skillfully-performed procedure can make all the difference in your pet’s health, comfort, and function — and it might even save his life.

The main thing is that you know and trust your pet care team, which is why you want to make sure you bring your pet to Spring Oaks Animal Care Center. Each veterinarian on our multi-practitioner team has the skills, expertise, and dedication your pet needs and deserves.

  • Orthopedic surgery – Orthopedic procedures such as fracture repairs and cruciate surgery can ensure that an injured bone or joint doesn’t leave your pet suffering from permanent lameness and pain.
  • Spay and neuter surgery – Spay and neuter surgery goes beyond simple contraception to provide a lifetime of lasting health benefits for your pet.
  • Growth removals – Growths on the body are common occurrences in pets. Many of these growths are benign, but we typically remove them just to make sure.
  • Abdominal surgery – We can remove swallowed objects and stones, treat diseased or damaged organs, and untangle the dangerous digestive twisting known as bloat.
  • Wound repair – An impact with a car, fight with another animal, or random accident can leave your pet with deep wounds that need to be treated surgically. Our wound repair services include closing lacerations, sealing arteries, reconstructing severe tissue damage, amputating limbs, and other major procedures.

We don’t just provide your pet with the best of care and attention during surgery — we assist owners, too! Our pet care center will walk you through the entire pet surgery process, starting with best home care practices the evening before surgery. Post-surgical care may include prescribing antibiotics, pain relievers, and other medications. We’ll advise you on how to administer these medications and generally watch over your pet’s recuperation.

Rest assured that we devote the same high level of skill, care, and concentration to every form of pet surgery, from standard spay and neuter procedures to state-of-the-art orthopedic reconstruction.

Call (386) 736-6747 for a consultation today.

At Spring Oaks Animal Care Center, we believe in customizing your pet’s vaccination program to address the diseases your pet may have exposure to based on his/her lifestyle. For vaccination to be effective, we want to first make sure your pet is healthy, so we always start with a comprehensive physical before administering any vaccines. Most low-cost vaccine clinics do not do this. If you have any questions or concerns regarding vaccination, our doctors will be happy to discuss this with you during your visit.

Immunization for your pets against harmful diseases should begin when they still very young. Once they receive all of the necessary vaccinations during their puppy and kitten stages, they will continue to need booster shots each year to ensure they do not catch any of these serious diseases. Our veterinarians will explain which vaccines are best for your pet and set them up on a vaccination program to ensure they are protected.

Common Immunizations for dogs and cats:

  • Rabies
  • Parvovirus
  • Bordetella
  • Distemper
  • Canine Influenza
  • Feline Leukemia
  • Feline Distemper

Our goal is to keep your pets in tip-top shape for a long and happy life! Call us at (386) 337-3664 to schedule your pet’s appointment today!

Here at Spring Oaks Animal Care Center, our team takes great pride in serving the surrounding areas of Deland, Orange City, and Lake Helen. If you have a pet, then it’s important to have a vet you can trust to come up with a custom pet wellness program that you can follow to ensure your pet leads a happy and healthy life. Pet wellness and preventative care are just a couple of the many services we’re able to provide in our office.

The most basic component of pet wellness care is the comprehensive wellness exam, which we highly recommend for pets at least once a year. For older pets, we might recommend exams more frequently, such as twice a year. These exams allow us to stay on top of any changes in your pet’s health and spot any possible red flags of disease or other medical conditions before they progress too far.

In addition to regular wellness exams, we also recommend preventative care services to protect your pets from disease, illness, viruses, and pests. For example, as part of each wellness exam we provide in our office, we will also take the time to review your pet’s records and make any recommendations for vaccinations that are overdue or near overdue. We can then administer any necessary vaccines to your pet in just a matter of minutes. 

Furthermore, if your pet isn’t already on a flea, tick, and parasite prevention medication, we recommend speaking with our veterinary team about this. Even if you have a strictly indoor pet (such as a cat), these medications can provide you with the additional peace of mind and protect you need.

If your pet is overdue for an exam, we highly recommend scheduling an appointment. Our team at Spring Oaks Animal Care Center is here to provide the wellness and preventative care your pet needs for a healthier life. Call us today at (386) 736-6747.

At Spring Oaks Animal Care Center, we understand the importance of regular grooming for the health and well-being of your pet. Not only does grooming help to keep your pet clean and healthy, but it can also help to identify any potential health issues early on. 

We offer full-service grooms and baths and a wide array of a la carte grooming services, including nail trims, anal gland expressions, ear cleanings, and skin repair treatments. No matter your furry friend's specific need, they're in good hands with our professional and loving staff. 


We are excited to introduce our new groomer, Valerie, who has over a decade of experience and a passion for making pets look and feel their best. Valerie recently joined our team and has a wealth of knowledge. Her own furry family companion is a Chihuahua/Jack Russell terrier mix named Dude, who is EXTRA friendly. When she's not busy at work, Valerie enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, exploring the great outdoors of Florida, and playing disc golf. As a groomer, Valerie has a particular love of golden retrievers and poodles. She takes great pride in her work and loves seeing pets strut their stuff confidently after a grooming session!

We understand that a pet is part of the family. The day your pet enters our hospital it becomes part of our family, too—and our goal is to give them as many happy, healthy years with you as possible. From new puppies and kittens to graying seniors, we’ll be there every step of the way with comprehensive services and the experienced, compassionate care your pets deserve.