Are they any requirements to board my pet?

All pets are required to be protected from contagious diseases with current vaccinations.  Your pet can be exposed to disease when kenneled with other animals.  The risk is, however, quite low and virtually eliminated when your pet has been vaccinated in advance prior to boarding.  Additionally, high sanitation standards and quality living conditions are vitally important to ensuring an absence of disease.

Canine are required to have Distemper, Parvo, Rabies and Bordetella vaccines.  Feline Upper respiratory and Rabies vaccines are required for felines.  If you are a new client or we have not previously seen your pet, we ask that you please provide us with a current vaccine history.  If your pets are not up to date on appropriate vaccines, we can vaccinate them during their stay.

What should I bring with my pet for their stay?

Our pet lodge facility is sufficiently equipped with comfortable beds and blankets for your pet, as well as a variety of durable toys for your pet’s enjoyment.  We also have disposable feeding dishes, as well as automatic water dishes to provide your pet with a never-ending supply of fresh drinking water.  The only thing you need to bring is your loving pet.  If you pet is on a prescription diet or any medication, please bring those as well.  We do ask any medication brought in is to remain in its original labeled container/packaging.

What kind of food will you give my pet during its stay?

Here at Spring Oaks, we believe that nutrition is important to your pet’s health.  Therefore, in our boarding facility, we use only the highest quality foods and treats for your pet.  We use Royal Canin Digestive Low Fat dry kibble for canines, which is a low fat, highly digestible, palatable complete and balanced dog food.  For felines, we offer Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach dry kibble, which provides balanced nutrition to promote gentle digestion.  We also carry a wide variety of Royal Canin and Hill’s canned diets for more finicky pets.  All pets are fed twice daily unless otherwise instructed.  We do ask that if your pet is on a prescription diet, to please provide us with an adequate amount of your pet’s food for the duration of their stay.  Otherwise, please do not bring pet food from home, as our high quality food and treats are provided for your pet at no additional charge.

What if my pet is on medication?

You can be assured that your pet will receive all of their medications during their visit with us.  There will be a medication administration charge of $2.00 per day.  We do ask that you please bring all medications in their original labeled containers/packaging.

How often are the pet lodge kennels and VIP Suites cleaned?

To help maintain a safe and clean environment for your pet, all pet lodging suites are areas are thoroughly pressure washed and disinfected at a minimum of twice a day.  All beddings and toys are washed and sanitized as needed.

How often do you walk dogs?

Each dog is walked and exercised in our spacious backyard at a minimum of three times daily.  We monitor each dog to make sure that they are urinating and defecating.  We realize that some dogs, usually puppies and seniors, have the need to urinate more frequently, and so we take them outside more often to avoid accidents in the pet lodging area.

What happens if my pet gets sick while boarding?

If we notice that your pet is becoming sick, we will notify a member of the medical staff promptly.  If the pet is experiencing diarrhea a complimentary microscopic exam for intestinal parasites will be performed.  The doctor will then examine that pet and contact you regarding treatment.

What if my pet has fleas/ticks?

When you bring in your pet for boarding, we will have you follow us to the check-in area. At this time we will check you pet for fleas/ticks.  If we notice any signs of fleas, then we will administer Capstar Flea Control.  Capstar is an oral tablet that effectively eliminates any live adult fleas on your pet.  It works within 30 minutes and lasts for 24 hours.  It is very safe for both cats and dogs.  If we notice any ticks on your pet, we will remove the ticks promptly and treat as directed by a Spring Oaks veterinarian.

Do you bathe animals during their stay?

In addition to our veterinary hospital and boarding facility, Spring Oaks offers full service grooming.  Melissa Paragios is our full service groomer and will happily pamper you pet.  For additional cost and availability, please ask one of our front office staff.  For every 10 days that your pet stays with us, they will receive a complimentary bath from the boarding staff.  All baths include a nail trim, ear cleaning and expressed anal glands.

Do you charge extra for one-on-one attention with my pet?

Our staff members work here because they love to interact and play with your pet.  We have a wide variety of toys to play with at no additional charge.

Can my dog play with other dogs?

Well mannered, socialized dogs are allowed to play in our big backyard.  To qualify, dogs must be spayed or neutered, must return to staff members when their name is called and consistently exhibit doggie social skills.  Your pet’s safety should always be the priority no matter where they board.

What kind of kennels will my pet stay in?

The kennel floor and sides are made of an impervious material which along with our modern sanitation procedures and air ventilation systems allows us to maintain a spotless, clean environment for your pet.  Notice the difference – NO ODOR!!

The VIP Suites are equipped with plushy cozy snuggle beds, toys, a continuous flow of fresh cool water, television, room with a view and a 20 minute one on one interaction time with you pet.

Our pet lodging rooms are spacious and are independent from one another.  Pet lodging rooms offer cozy snuggle beds, toys and continuous flow of fresh cool water.

Are all breeds welcome?

All breeds are welcome at Spring Oaks Animal Care Center!!  Big or small we can accommodate any size pet.