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Our Pet Lodging facilities are a step above any
other in the area
At Spring Oaks, your pet isn’t just boarding. They can enjoy a home away from home atmosphere with our exclusive VIP Luxury Suites or a more social environment with our standard pet lodging. Of course the cats have their own, separate condo area away from their canine counterparts. All areas within the boarding facility have soothing music to ensure that “at home feel”. You also have piece of mind that in case of a medical issue, there is a full medical staff available 7 days a week.  For those in need of a groom, our certified groomer can pamper your pet during their stay with us. Our Veterinarians on staff can also update and vaccinate during your pets visit and address any other health issues.

VIP (Canine Luxury Suites): DSC00455.JPG
Our exclusive VIP (Very Important Pet) Luxury Suites provide your special canine a home away from home in a pampered style. Each large private suite has a landscaped scenic window view and a huge comfortable bed, cable television, dutch doors, automatic watering bowls, hand painted murals, toys and twenty minutes of one on one play time with a kennel assistant. Additionally all 5 of the suites include a webcam that can be accessed by the internet to allow you to check in on your precious pet while you are away.

Pet Lodging Suites: DSC00456.JPG
Our standard pet lodgings are anything but standard. Each pet receives a spacious, secure accommodation within our pet lodge, furnished with a soft snuggle bed, blanket and toys. The Lodge, along with the rest of the boarding facility, are completely separate from the medical area of the hospital. Each suite is pressure washed and disinfected twice a day. All accommodations are complete with automatic watering bowls delivering fresh, clean drinking water at all times. The Lodge is air climate controlled to ensure your pet is comfortable during their stay with us. Soothing music is in the entire lodging area helps to provide a relaxed environment for your pet.

Cat Condos: DSC00466.JPG
Our cat condos provide our feline guests with plenty of room. The cat condos are completely separate from our canine facilities. Each cat will receive 2 connected rooms to enjoy. One room is for their litter and the other room is for their food, water, and play. Each condo has an upper deck for the cats to relax and stretch out on. For the more curious kitties, many of our cat condos have a clear view of our reception and waiting areas. For those who are a bit more reserved, we have condos that are more private. All of this leads to our feline guests feeling less stressed and more relaxed during their stay with us.

 Daycare Canine  $13.00
 Daycare Feline  $9.00
 Daycare VIP Suite  $17.00
 Daycare VIP Add' Pet  $14.50
 Canine Lodging 0-25 lbs  $17.00
 Canine Lodging 26-60 lbs  $18.00
 Canine Lodging 61-100 lbs  $20.00
 Canine Lodging Over 100 lbs  $22.50
 Boarding Exotic (Bird or Rabbit)  $14.00
 Cat Condos  $16.00
 VIP Canine Lodging  $42.00
 VIP Add" Lodging  $28.00

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