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Pet Laser Therapy at Spring Oaks Animal Care Center

If your pet has been injured or is struggling with a chronic pain condition, you may be fretting over the prospect of submitting him for major surgery or feeding him large dosages of painkillers. Fortunately, many cases of joint pain, soft tissue injury and other debilitating problems can respond well to a safe, non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical technique called pet laser therapy -- and we're delighted to offer this technique here at Spring Oaks Animal Care Center.

pet getting laser therapy

A Non Surgical Option for Pet Pain and Healing

Many people confuse the different types of medical lasers, so it's important to understand that pet laser therapy is not the same thing as pet laser surgery. While a surgical laser cuts through tissue, a therapeutic laser operates on a lower frequency as a non-surgicall option for pet pain and healing. Because of the lower frequency involved, this technique is often referred to as low-level or "cold" laser therapy. The laser beam passes through the skin, causing no cutting, burning or discomfort in the process, to focus its energy on the underlying tissues that have been causing your pet discomfort.

Pet laser therapy conveys two important benefits: pain relief and tissue regeneration. The light waves stimulate the mitochondria in cells to produce higher levels of ATP, or adenosine triphosphate. This is the substance that fuels cellular repair, giving your pet's injured tissues what they need to heal themselves faster. The accelerated healing obviously helps your pet get over an acutely painful condition. But the laser also produces pain relief by improving blood flow in the area being treated (which allows inflammatory substances to exit the tissues more efficiently) and by warming and relaxing muscles that might otherwise go into spasm. Laser therapy can even help heal the nerve damage that causes neuropathy.

We Offer State-of-the-Art Companion Laser Therapy

We're proud to offer the finest in pet laser therapy through our Companion therapeutic laser. Companion lasers are highly regarded and extremely popular as the state of the art in this form of care. A typical treatment session from your Deland veterinarian takes only a few minutes, requires no shaving or other such preparation, and provides an immediate feeling of pain relief and relaxation in many pets. Best of all, laser therapy is safe enough to become a regular pain relief regimen if necessary. Your Deland veterinarian may prescribe Companion laser therapy for:

  • Chronic pain due to osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia and other degenerative issues
  • Knee injuries and other acute injuries
  • Muscle and connective tissue pain
  • Nerve pain and nerve damage

Ask Your Veterinarian in Deland About Our Laser Therapy Services

If your pet is battling musculoskeletal pain, call 386-736-6747 for a consultation with your veterinarian in Deland. (An initial consultation is free for new patients.) Our laser therapy services may be the answer to your best friend's distress!

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