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Posted on 01-17-2018

Potty Training Your New Puppy: Tips from Your Deland Veterinarian

Congratulations on your new family member and welcome to the world of potty training your new puppy, from your Deland veterinarian, Spring Oaks Animal Care Center! Potty training is a lot of work, but if you are consistent and patient, you and puppy will meet the challenge. While most puppies cannot control their bladders until at least 12 weeks of age, you should still start potty training on Day 1. The idea is to get puppy comfortable with the routine of going outside and following commands.

Puppy playing with shoelaces outside.

Dog Training Basics

To successfully potty train your puppy, follow three dog training basics from your Deland veterinarian:

  1. Keep a consistent schedule - Set an alarm to take puppy outside at least every two hours. Stay outside, supervise and give a simple command (“go potty”) to keep him on track. Additionally, take puppy outside after every sleep, feeding, crating and always before bed. As puppy grows, keep to on an hourly schedule that corresponds to his age in months: In general, a 2-month-old puppy can hold his bladder for up to two hours while a 6-month-old puppy may hold it for six hours.
  2. Stay positive - Be puppy's cheerleader: Immediately lavish praise and treats when she potties outside, so she can clearly understand what she is doing right. When there's an accident in the house (and there will be) never punish. Instead, clean it up with a sanitizing and odor-killing product and move on.
  3. Supervise closely - Keep puppy in a supervised space so you can learn the signs he needs to potty. Supervising is also important to catching puppy in the act. If the act occurs inside, promptly move puppy outside so he can understand the right location for doing his business.

Learn More By Call Sping Oaks Animal Care Center

Spring Oaks Animal Care Center is here to help. Call us 386-736-6747 to learn more about our on-site dog training and puppy care. New patients receive 15% off the first exam.

What dog training tools do you use? Share below!

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