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Posted on 08-23-2017

Deland FL Veterinarians Provide Radiology Services for Pets

Diagnostic radiology for pets uses advanced imaging technology to provide detailed pictures of internal structures to your Deland FL veterinarians. Radiology is a valuable tool for determining the cause of illness, evaluating organ trauma and monitoring how an animal's body reacts to treatments. In addition, veterinary radiology aids in screening for cancer, heart disease, lung disease and other conditions that tend to be asymptomatic in their early stages.

pet radiology

Types of Radiology Techniques for Pets in Deland FL

Computed tomography (CT) scans and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are two commonly used diagnostic radiology procedures used by veterinarians on animals with injuries or suspected diseases of the head, abdomen, chest, spine and bones. CT scans are especially effective for detecting hairline fractures and determining the location and size of tumors. MRIs do better at diagnosing musculoskeletal problems involving a pet's tendons, joints, ligaments and other soft tissues. Veterinarians frequently rely on MRI scans to provide additional information on muscle issues affecting certain breeds of larger dogs prone to suffering sprains, tears and muscle deterioration.

Electrocardiograms (EKGs or ECGs) check the heart's electrical activity to discover if pets have a heart condition or have already suffered a heart attack or stroke. Electroencephalograms (EEGs) measure electrical impulses within an animal's brain to determine if neurological issues exist impacting a pet's vision or hearing abilities.

Do Pets Require Sedation When Undergoing Radiology Testing?

Pets receiving radiology services from veterinarians in Deland FL may need lightly sedated since most imaging techniques need pets to lie still for a few minutes or seconds. If your pet must have an MRI, CT or other evaluation, your vet will fully explain the details of the procedure and have you sign a paper authorizing sedation for your pet.

To learn more about the benefits of veterinary radiology or to schedule an appointment, please call Spring Oaks Animal Care Center today at 386-736-6747.

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