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Posted on 07-28-2017

Microchipping at Spring Oaks Animal Care Center in Deland

Microchipping your pets at Spring Oaks Animal Care Center in Deland can help identify your pet faster if he or she becomes lost or escapes your home or yard. Microchips contain information that can be accessed when your pet is scanned with a microchip scanner. Once the information is found, you can be contacted to pick up your pet.

cat being microchipped at vet

Benefits of Microchipping in Deland

Microchipping in Deland means that your pet will always have his or her identification on them. Collars, while essential for providing information, like phone numbers and rabies vaccination status, often fall off when a pet becomes lost. Microchips are inserted under your pet’s skin and contain anti-migration technology that prevents them from moving to other parts of your pet’s body. This means any shelter, rescue or veterinarian with a chip scanner can scan your pet to determine the owner and contact information.

When your pet becomes lost or escapes your home or car, all you have to do is contact your chip’s manufacturer and report your pet lost. Most microchip companies will help you locate your pet by providing lost pet fliers and information to all the veterinarians, animal hospitals, rescues and shelters within a certain number of miles from where your pet was last seen. Some companies even provide lost pet travel assistance if your pet is found many miles, usually 500, from your home, which can help transport your pet back to you so that you can be reunited.

Microchipping and Pet Care In Deland

We offer microchipping and pet care in Deland. The process of inserting the chip under your pet’s skin is fast and no more painful than receiving a vaccination injection. In fact, you can schedule your pet’s microchipping appointment at the same time as other services, including pet wellness exams.

To schedule your microchipping appointment in Deland, call us at 366-736-6747. We are currently offering a 15 percent discount on first exams for all new patients.

Why did you choose to get your pet microchipped at our animal care clinic?

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